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Investment Advice

Investment Advice

Investment Advice

As part of our financial planning services, we offer in-depth investment planning and advice with a transparent fee structure. As a licensed fiduciary who must act in the client’s best interest our chief financial planner, Chris Ricketts, delves deep into evaluating investment plans for each client. All investment recommendations are deeply researched and vetted for fit, flexibility, and investor risk tolerance. Using a bucket strategy, Chris ensures that clients have allocated their funds into short-term, medium-term and long-term investments that reflect their goals now and into the future.

Our preferred household investment minimum is $500,000 in investible assets. We often make exceptions for clients who are a great fit and are enthusiastic about our financial planning model. 

If you are interested in financial planning, but don’t meet our minimum, reach out to us anyway. Sometimes, all you need is someone to guide you in the right direction as you start to invest. We’re happy to have a conversation.

Fee Transparency

We rarely charge a financial planning fee to our financial planning clients. We believe that our compensation through assets under management is equitable and therefore do not charge an additional planning fee. For ad hoc single-scenario or limited scope planning services our flat rate is $200/hr.

We do sometimes charge planning fees for complex cases or business planning cases. In those instances, the fee will be determined and agreed upon before the work is started.

Please see our assets under management fee structure below. We understand that we are priced lower than many of our industry peers, but we are committed to providing valuable advice at a reasonable price.

Advisor Fee Rates

Up to $100K








Above $25M










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