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Kaati Ross

Kaati Ross

Director of Operations

Kaati Ross is an entrepreneur with a history of tackling mundane problems with creativity and innovation having launched several companies and countless projects over the last 25 years. Kaati’s past roles include serving on the leadership team at Greystone Technology, vice president of We Are Women Colorado, charter board member of the Westminster Chamber of Commerce, and owner of an innovative home staging company/moving art gallery. She joined the Trailhead Financial Group team in January 2019 and enjoys applying the skills she developed in her previous ventures to the financial services industry.

What I love about Colorado:

I love the nature, scenery and culture of our great Centennial state. The rugged, "do-it-yourself" and "go your own way" vibe is present in our small businesses, volunteer organizations and is part of who we are as a state. We're always on the forefront for technology and legislation, and that makes our state an exciting place to work and live.

What I provide to our clients:

Working side-by-side with Chris, I provide support and help with keeping track of the details of our clients' lives and finances. I love spending time with our clients and getting to know them and what's important to them. In this practice, we pride ourselves on providing holistic financial guidance.

What I value:

I value spending time with my family. I also value life-long learning and being part of organizations that exist to have a positive impact on society.

What I do for fun:

My garden is my favorite place to be and my top hobby. I love growing veggies and I'm learning to breed my own vegetables as well as how to garden year-round (in Colorado!)